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The TCCRI TxHealthcareProject was established to promote free market policies that focus on addressing the most critical issues facing healthcare today- the ability to access care at affordable prices- while fostering both government and consumer accountability.


Certain healthcare cost drivers, such as longer life spans and advancements in medical technology, are inexorable. However, burdensome government regulations and unfunded mandates have played a considerable role not only in pricing some consumers out of coverage altogether, but also in making high value care more difficult to access. 


The TCCRI Healthcare Project brings together a variety of healthcare stakeholders, including elected officials, providers, payers, employers, and policy experts to advance reforms that will ultimately increase the availability of high-quality care at decreased costs, while resisting bureaucratic overreach that adversely impacts Texas families and employers. 



Mailing Address

P.O. Box 2659
Austin, TX 78681

The TX Property Tax Project is produced by the

Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute


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